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Disposable Microphone Windscreens : Essential for Pilot Health
(or anyone sharing a headset)

An air fleet is only as strong as its pilots and crew. When they're out sick, planes don't fly. The foam microphone noise attenuator on the end of the aviation microphone is a breeding ground for germs, and the ideal vector to pass diseases from one pilot to the next to the next.

For less than $1 a flight (in quantity), Compete Aviation Audio can provide you with one-time-use windscreens for pilot, co-pilot, and others who use a headset. Land, throw your germs in the trash, and let the next crew slip a new microphone cover in just a few seconds.

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Small Quantities

  • We have standard replacement foam mic noise attenuators that will fit most aviation headset microphones.
  • Available at low-cost with fast delivery via Amazon.com.

Fleet Quantities

  • Request a custom quote for aviation mic covers (windscreens) in quantity.
  • We can work with current foam noise attenuator models or custom-manufacture product specifically for your needs.

High Quality Replacement Microphone Covers

We carry covers for David Clark Aviation headsets (all M-7 microphones), Bose Aviation X, A220 Aviation headsets, Telex Airman 850, Bosch, and Sennheiser Aviation Boomsets including the HMEC-25, HME100, HME110, HMEC-300, HMEC-350, HMEC-400, HMEC-450, and HMEC-460. We can also manufacture a custom product and provide fleet quantities. Simply contact us for a quote.

Aviation microphone covers help to reduce wind and ambient cockpit noise while transmitting. For the best performance, please be sure to buy the proper size replacement. If the windscreens don't fit or you are unsatisfied for any reason, just return them via Amazon for a full refund.

Low-Cost Replacement Ear Pads for Aviation Headsets in Bulk

  • Top quality protein leather/foam replacement head set ear cushions.
  • Can be custom designed to any headphone product.
Compete Aviation Pilot