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Compete Ventures Sites

Our Models

Compete Ventures creates companies to operate online marketplaces in specific niches employing an online competitive-quote model.

At each niche website, buyers can research and define their needs, then request and receive price quotes from multiple, independent sellers. Buyers compare offers and choose the seller offering the best deal. Sellers complete the sales, reporting the transactions directly in the online system itself. Sellers then pay fees based on the value of each transaction.

This competitive-quote model is very attractive when applied to the right markets for a variety of reasons, including:

Compete Ventures creates and invests in companies who operate the individual online marketplaces. This structure allows for flexibility in recruiting talent, and in working with individuals who approach Compete Ventures with experience in and ideas for particular marketplaces. This distributed structure of the enterprises lets Compete Ventures leverage OPI-Other People's Ideas-and reward their success appropriately.

Content-Driven Model

Compete Ventures creates content driven travel sites dedicated to assisting travelers researching vacations and cruises. These content sites than drive traffic and ultimately travel buyers to our online marketplaces as well as generating advertising revenue.